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Project Description
This project contains the code for an SSIS custom transformation. This asynchronous component takes a column with a delimited string and un-pivots the information, outputting a row for each delimited value that contains the original delimited string, one of the delimited values, and the position of the delimited value in the string. The value of the delimiter is included as the custom property DelimiterString and can be set at design time.

Note: The input data column which contains the delimited string must be sorted with a sort key position of 1. That is the only column that will be delimited.

For example, if you have the following input:
RowNum DelimitedStrColName
1 Anjan,Catherine,Donald,Kirk,Ritu
2 Andy,Allan,Erik,Jamie,Simon

You would see the following output:
UnPiv_No Unpivot_ColName RowNum DelimitedStrColName
1 Anjan 1 Anjan,Catherine,Donald,Kirk,Ritu
2 Catherine 1 Anjan,Catherine,Donald,Kirk,Ritu
3 Donald 1 Anjan,Catherine,Donald,Kirk,Ritu
4 Kirk 1 Anjan,Catherine,Donald,Kirk,Ritu
5 Ritu 1 Anjan,Catherine,Donald,Kirk,Ritu
1 Andy 2 Andy,Allan,Erik,Jamie,Simon
2 Allan 2 Andy,Allan,Erik,Jamie,Simon
3 Erik 2 Andy,Allan,Erik,Jamie,Simon
4 Jamie 2 Andy,Allan,Erik,Jamie,Simon
5 Simon 2 Andy,Allan,Erik,Jamie,Simon

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